Here is a list of our most frequently asked questions:

Q: How much time do I have to come and pickup my pet?

‚Äč          A: We give a 1 hour grace period after the groomer calls you for pickup, after         

          that, we charge $5.00 per hour for daycare.

Q: I can't pickup my pet until after 5:00pm, what should I do?

          A: For your convenience we are open 7 days a week, so if you know your work     

          schedule will conflict with our service hours, please choose a different day to bring in

          your pet. We charge for after hours pickup, $5.00 for every 15 minutes after     

          5:00pm. Anything after 5:45 pm we will board your pet overnight. Charges incurred

          will include the boarding fee, food fee, after hours pickup fee and the original groom


Q: Do you offer same day appointments?

          A: Yes! We are an appointment only salon, however, if space and staff is available, we

          most certainly don't mind adding you to our schedule same day.

Q: Do you offer daycare & boarding?

          A: Yes! Aside from grooming, we offer daycare and boarding. We require all vaccines,            with proof (bordatella, rabies, and distemper). Your pet must be neutered or spayed

          to participate in daycare services. Daycare & boarding dogs are walked 3 times a day.

Q: I have been told my dog is difficult for grooming, will you still take him/her?

          A: Yes! We know the grooming process can be scary for some pets, and in turn, they

          tend to lash out in fear. We will try to groom your pet although they may be difficult

          and/or aggressive. However, if we feel the safety of your pet OR your groomer is

          compromised, we will ask you to come and pickup your pet, whether he/she is

          completed or not. We will also charge for whatever services were rendered up until

          that point. 

Q: I'm running late for my appointment, will you still take me?

          A: Yes! However, you only have a 30 minute grace period. Anything after that time

          frame, you will have to reschedule.

Q: Are you currently accepting new clients? 

          A: Yes! Please note, any new clients that would like to book a weekend

          appointment (Saturday or Sunday) will be required to put down a $25.00 non

          refundable deposit. If you don't show up, there are no refunds. The deposit is non

          transferable and does go towards the total of your bill.

Q: Do you require vaccines?

          A: Yes. As per the law, we require a copy of the most recent rabies vaccine for

          grooming.  For daycare and boarding, we require a copy of the most recent

          bordatella, rabies and distemper. No, we can not accept rabies tags. 

Q: My pet doesn't do well in a kennel, do you offer a cage free environment?

          A: We offer daycare services, as mentioned above. However, if your pet has

          high anxiety, you may want to add an Express Groom service to your groom. It

          will guarantee your pet will be done straight through and at a quicker pace.

          This additional service is only $10 extra. We also offer CBD for high anxiety

          pets, please call for more information.