Here are a few pointers for our boarding services:

*MUST have proof of ALL vaccines (not just rabies)
Vaccines must include:
1) Da2ppl or Distemper Vaccine
2) Bordetella or Kennel Cough Vaccine
3) Rabies Vaccine

*Must be spayed or neutered

* We offer crate boarding, 3x4 suite boarding, 4x4 suite boarding and 6x4 suite boarding. 

* Owners must bring their own food, if they do not and we have to provide food, there is an extra $2 per day food charge.  This also applies if pet runs out of food and we have to provide the rest.

* Owners are welcomed to bring their own bedding and toys, however, we are not responsible for lost, stolen or damaged items.

* Any dog boarding over 4 consecutive nights must receive an exit bath at the owners expense. This cost is 50% off of their regular bath price. And still includes everything a normal bath would include. (Bath, nail trim, anal gland expression, ear cleaning, and bow or bandana)

*Space is VERY limited and boarding is on a first come first serve basis.

* Yes we can administer medications. There is a $5 medication administration fee IF the dog is difficult for the administration of his medicine.

* Dogs are taken out several times a day (at least 3 times for short walks).

*Holiday boarding will require a $25 deposit when making the reservation. This deposit will go towards the owner's total bill at the end of their stay. 48 hour cancellation policy applies. If owner no shows or cancels less than 48 hours in advance, then the $25 is forfeited and NON REFUNDABLE. NO EXCEPTIONS!

*Non-holiday boarding will require no deposit.

* No pick up or drop off on holidays.

* All pets must check-out before 1:00 pm Monday-Sunday.  Late check-outs will be an additional $10.